Do I need planning permission?

Not necessarily, it depends on a number of factors but there are things that can be constructed under permitted development. To see the permitted development rights follow this link –


Generally speaking you can construct a single storey extension to the rear of your property, as long as it projects past the rear wall of the original house by no more than 3m for a semi-detached or terraced property, and no more than 4m for a detached property, and in all cases, it does not exceed 4m in height. You can also construct a single storey extension to the side of the original house as long as it does not exceed more than half the width of the original house (measured at its widest point), and exceed 4m in height. If you have a listed building, or are in a conservation area, SSSI etc, these rights may not apply to you. There are many factors to be considered as to whether a project might be permitted development or not, so if you are unsure after reading the guidance, please seek advice from a professional such as an architect or planning consultant.