How do I get my first architecture job?

You should think about the type of architecture you wish to practice – residential, commercial, conservation etc, and research practices so you can apply to those you are truly interested in working at. It might be worth calling first to see if they have any positions open, and to find out who to address your inquiry to. Then you will need to send them a covering letter, your C.V and some examples of your work. Your covering letter should explain why you would like to work there and what you think you can bring to the practice. You will need to have a portfolio of work to show a potential employer which is presented in plastic pockets in a physical portfolio which you can discuss at an interview. You will also need to prepare a great looking C.V. As architecture is a visual profession it would be great to prepare something which stands out and demonstrates your abilities in a visual way – look online for examples of many creative C.V solutions. You can also join Architects Articulate for feedback on your C.V and portfolio presentation. Once you have an interview lined up make sure you dress for the occasion; even if the practice has a casual dress code, being smart at an interview shows you are serious about working there. Think about what you’d like to say about the projects you will present, then try to relax and be open and friendly during the interview, and remember to smile ?