How much does an architect cost?

There is no fixed answer for this question I’m afraid. The cost of design work varies from project to project, as each individual job is precisely that, with its own set of constraints and opportunities. Often an architect will attend an initial meeting with a potential client for free, at the property or site in question, to discuss the clients requirements and to get a feel for the existing situation. Following that initial meeting an architect will put together a fee proposal for the works discussed; this fee proposal will often be a fixed amount for a defined amount of work taking the project to the point at which a planning application is made. If planning permission is granted you may then require building regulations drawings, detail drawings, specifications and a schedule of work, going out to tender for competitive quotes from contractors and finally contract administration & inspection of work on site. Usually these items are fixed fees, with the exception of inspection of work on site which can often be charged as a percentage of the contract sum. However, each practice, or architect, may have their own pricing structure so this can vary.