I know what I want from my extension can’t I draw it up myself and save the architects fees?

If you know what you are doing then by all means, this is an option for you, however, this is only really an option if you know how to measure and draw your existing house, what the planning policies in your area are, what you can and can’t achieve given your situation, location, neighbouring properties etc, if you have an understanding of design and building regulations so that your design achieves the best possible results and complies with building regulations requirements, and if you have an understanding of what is required to support any application you submit.

If you don’t feel you have the necessary skills listed above, but still want to take control of your project, you might like to consider taking our course – “Design your dream home extension in 6 simple steps”. This course will walk you through the steps necessary for you to design your dream home extension, whilst getting support from a fully qualified architect, to achieve the best possible outcome and realise the home of your dreams at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for an architect, plus you get to learn all the skills necessary to repeatedly undertake extension projects of your own.