What are the modules that this course covers?

  • Module 1 = Defining your brief. This module will guide you through all the information you will need to have to clearly define your brief for you dream extension. You will get really clear on why you need to extend; how you want your home to work for you and your lifestyle; the spaces you need, their sizes and relationships to the other spaces within your home; how best to extend – whether it’s a single storey extension, a 2 storey extension, or a combination of the two.
  • Module 2 = Surveying your existing property. This module will guide you through drawing and measuring your existing house & garden; we’ll list out all the equipment you will need to do this; we’ll show you what you need to draw & measure, and how best to do so; and we’ll show you how to mark up your survey drawings to help you when you come to drawing up your survey.
  • Module 3 = Producing your as existing drawings. We’ll discuss drawing to scale; hand or computer drawings; what equipment you’ll need to produce your drawings; and how to translate your rough survey drawings into to scale presentable drawings.
  • Module 4 = Space Planning. In this module we delve into mapping out your new spaces in relation to your existing house and any orientation / view requirements you have defined in your brief.
  • Module 5 = Designing your extension. In this module you will learn some basic design principles to help you develop your ideas into a well thought out design that is functional and practical and complies with various regulations.
  • Module 6 = Planning and permitted development rights. This module will help you decide what sort of application you need to submit, and it will walk you through how to prepare and submit that application.